Evaluation of an American Programme for Higher Education and Basic Research in Russia

4. Mar. 2008

ZSI participated in an evaluation of the ‚Basic Research and Higher Education Program', implemented by the 'US Civilian R&D Foundation' in Russia. The evaluation panel, headed by Prof. Peter Idenburg (The Netherlands), included Austrian experts (Klaus Schuch, Manfred Spiesberger), two experts from the USA (Anne Harrington, Mark Johnson), and one expert from Russia (Ivan Bortnik). The evaluation comprised elements of desk and field research, including document analysis, stakeholder interviews and a benchmarking analysis of the so called ‚Research and Education Centres (RECs)' established at leading Rusian universities and funded under the ‚Basic Research and Higher Education Program'. The benchmarking analysis was conducted by ZSI using indicators of standard knowledge balances and performance agreements as well as indicators proposed by the RECORD-manual on benchmarking innovative research organisations.