Kick-Off for the BILAT-Mexico Project

25. Sep. 2008

Coming october will be the Kick-off of the BILAT-Mexico Project that aims at broadening the cooperation opportunities between Mexico and the European Union in the area of science and technology.
The project "Bureau for EU-Mexican Science and Technology Cooperation - Step II (BILAT-MEX)" has a duration of 3 years and was developed within FP7-Capacities.
The project coordinator is CONACYT and ZSI is one of the seven project partners.

Cooperation with the European Community stands out as being most strategic for the internationalization of Mexican research, and associations in the field of Science and Technology are identified as a priority sector in EU-Mexico bilateral relations.

A Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement was signed in 2004 between the European Commission's Directorate General for Research and Technological Development (RTD) and the Mexican government, represented by the Mexican Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT).
One of the first actions implemented to support the improvement and facilitation of the S&T cooperation between Europe and Mexico, and therefore the achievement of the engagement foreseen in the Agreement, was the launch in 2006 of the "Bureau for European and Mexican Science and Technology Cooperation" UEMEXCyT, located in CONACYT and cofinanced by DG RTD and the CONACYT.

The role of the UEMEXCyT Office is to assist Mexican researchers and SMEs in taking full advantage of existing EU Science and Technology programmes by providing useful information, creating awareness and offering consultancy.

Tags: international cooperation, Mexico