New Publications

1. Oct. 2007

ZSI-experts were engaged in the publication of three books, which were published within the last few months:

1) Polzer, M., Devetak, S., Toplak, L., Unger, F. and Eder, M. (eds.)(2007): Religion and European Integration. Religion as a Factor of Stability and Development in South Eastern Europe. VDG: Weimar
This book features contributions of the scientific conference „Religion and European Integration“ from October 2005, which has been co-organised by the ASO-Ljubljana/Sofia/Vienna-Network. It includes a contribution of Miroslav Polzer, head of the ASO Ljubljana.

2) Villani, M. (ed.) (2006): Educating Managers in Complexity. ARACNE: Roma
This book is a joint product of the LEONARDO-programme sponsored CETRA-network. Elke Dall of ZSI contributed to the project and the publication.

3) Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Forschung (ed.) (2007): Innovation and Research in Bulgaria on the Eve of EU Accession: Lessons from a Peer Country-AUSTRIA. Neuer wissenschaftlicher Verlag: Wien, Graz.
This book has been created by an inter-disciplinary expert team under the supervision of Ruslan Stefanov from the ARC Funds, Bulgaria. It was co-sponsored by the ASO Sofia. Klaus Schuch (ZSI) was responsible for scientific feedback.