Report of challenging issues in age-diverse recruitment policies and practices is published

20. Sep. 2007

Companies are forced to adjust their recruitment policies if they want to compete in a diminishing labour market.

Most organisations are ill-prepared to meet the challenges associated with older workers, and little research has addressed the questions on how to attract job applicants from diverse age groups.
The report examines the specific issues that need to be addressed and the action required if age bias in the recruitment of mature workers is to be successfully challenged.
Because of the specific age bias that exists within the ICT sector, this report identifies those practices that should be adopted within the sector to increase the employment density of older workers.

In the effort to overcome structural barriers and obstacles towards demographically appropriate recruitment policies, the report indicate that:

  • an attitudinal approach is required
  • a persuading approach of the business ace of age-diverse recruitment policies is required
  • a supportive approach in the whole framework of implementing age-diverse recruitment policies is required.

Drawing upon a range of expert interviews as well as current best practice, the report makes a number of recommendations relating to recruitment procedures.