Social Software Workshop, Vienna 2 March 07

12. Mar. 2007

With more than 90 participants from 13 European countries, the PROLEARN Thematic Workshop on Social Software demonstrated the high topicality for Technology Enhanced Learning. In cooperation with the project iCamp the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture and the PRO-LC, the workshop took place on the 2nd of March 2007 in the historical rooms of the ministry at the Freyung in Vienna and provided a unique networking possibility for participating researchers, teachers and users in this field.

The morning offered a model for social software (Ralf Klamma, Ger), discussed effectiveness (Bruce Hardy, Ca), provided visualisations through social proxies (Tom Erickson, USA), analysed privacy and security (Ralf Bendrath, Ger), and provided insight into the wiki way of collaboration (Anja Ebersbach, Ger).

In the afternoon, two workshops provided a platform for discussing practical implementations of social software in business in the case study workshop as well as in school education through a teacher workshop. Main outcome of both workshops emphasised the important role of social software in technology-enhanced learning by facilitating individuals and organisations to establish collaborative learning networks, enabling them to learn with a new quality while at the same time removing restrictions in time and space.

The conference was organised by the Centre for Social Innovation and the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, both partners in PROLEARN and in iCamp, as well as the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture Section V/3. Recordings of the event are available as podcasts, pictures are published on Flickr.