Central European Science Day: "Changes in the Society - Research Opportunities in the Region"

18. Jul. 2006

The Austrian Science and Research Liaison Offices in Bratislava, Brno, Budapest and Kosice are organizing on 5 December 2006 a "Central European Science Day" in Bratislava. The ASO Brno is coordinated by the ZSI.

Aims of the Science Day are to initiate the discussions among researchers, to network researchers with common interests, to help establish cooperation at multilateral, inter-/transdisciplinary level and to provide the opportunity to present ideas for a particular research cooperation.

Target Group are:

– primary:
- researchers in humanities and social sciences, other researchers interested in following topics:

- Demographic aspects (with focus on migration, mobility and minorities),
- Economical aspects (development of the labour market, including aspects of employment and working conditions; SMEs and their roles in the society),
- Political culture and power structures in Central Europe

– secondary:
- research institutions
- policy/decision makers responsible for reforms

Conference language is English.

Further information is available on:


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