Open Science Diplomacy for an Ethical and Trustworthy Global AI

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This policy brief is prepared for science diplomats, science and innovation policymakers, and AI experts, drawing upon insights from the 2023 UN Science Summit event on Science Diplomacy in Times of Global Crises, held at the Austrian Cultural Forum on September 15, 2023. The briefing document advocates for the application of science diplomacy as a means to establish a robust, independent, diverse, and inclusive scientific base for AI globally. It furthermore underscores the critical need to integrate a higher level of scientific expertise, aligned with Open Science principles, into the international dialogue and governance of AI. It accentuates the significant influence of Open Science in formulating AI policies that are not only more effective but also equitable on a worldwide scale. This approach counters the prevailing competition and profit-driven imperative by offering a more comprehensive perspective that combines scientific knowledge, ethical and security considerations, and fosters international collaboration. 

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Tags: artificial intelligence, ethics, governance, open science, trust

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Publikations Datum: 2023

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