The European Political Community: Some Post-Meeting Thoughts

Bereich: Forschungspolitik & Entwicklung

The Russian war of aggression against Ukraine is a turning point for the European Union in many different respects. Practically all the EU’s policy areas are affected by it, from its common foreign and security policy to its position in relation to its allies, like the United States, and to key geopolitical actors such as China. The war impacts our energy security, energy costs, and the way we need to organise our transition to carbon-neutral sources. Inflation has returned to Europe, and many citizens feel overwhelmed by the accumulation of crises since the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020.
The essays assembled in this book were written by researchers affiliated to the CIFE (Centre international de formation européenne) in Nice and Berlin. They address various challenges to the EU triggered by the turning point of 2022.

Please cite as: Philipp Brugner, Martin Fleischer: The European Political Community: Some Post-Meetings Thoughts, in: Waechter, Matthias and Palige, Aline and Baechler, Laurent (2023): Europe at a Turning Point, Denkart Europa I Mindset Europe, Volume 35, Nomos, Baden-Baden, p.31-40

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Publikations Datum: 2023

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