ReConnect China Policy Briefs on EU-China STI Cooperation in digital technologies

Bereich: Forschungspolitik & Entwicklung

Based on the research report "EU-China STI cooperation in the big data-related fields" written by ZSI for the ReConnect China project in September, two more policy briefs were finalised recently.

The ZSI team comprising Gábor Szüdi and Philipp Brugner translated the report’s key results in precise policy recommendations targeting the EU and the Member States level. Current developments in STI policy-making both on the EU’s and China’s side are explained, with a particular focus on the question how both actors aim to govern the future proliferation and protection of data stemming from research on AI, BD and ML from a legal viewpoint. For this analysis, both primary (original documents in English from the EC and in English/Mandarin from Chinese public authorities) and secondary (academic articles, policy papers, recommendations from public authorities) sources were consolidated aimed at supporting European readers to navigate current developments in policy-making for digital technologies happening in China and the EU.

AutorInnen: Brugner, P., Szüdi, G.


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Publikations Datum: 2023

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