Transversal impacts of cumulative crises on democratic governance: analysing political opportunism

Bereich: Forschungspolitik & Entwicklung

This paper addresses the issue of ‘black swan’ events from a broader lens of crises, developing a definition and operationalisation drawing on the etymology of the Greek word krinein, meaning the moment a decision must be taken or a judgement made.Specifically, it locates crises within larger social and political systems that come under intense scrutiny and the extent to which proponents of change (actors) and their proposals for change (policies) gain traction and acceptability in political discourse over decisions and judgements.

Crises are analysed through the social movement literature concept of political opportunity structures (POS), and a further elaboration of lower-order and higher-order crises presented, as well as the cumulative impact. Thus, black swan events are located within a wider study of opportunistic political entrepreneurship questioning the utility and viability of status quo institutions. The paper finally provides an example for a possible operationalisation of this analysis through looking at transgovernmental governance platforms and their role in mobilising democratic inclusion in crises response plans (from the abstract).

This paper further alludes to the role of science diplomac for policy making and the influence of illiberal geopolitical actors, such as Russia and China, on multilateral governance.

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AutorInnen: Brugner, P., Neil Winn (University of Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom) Robert Kissack (Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals (IBEI), España) Thomas Henökl (Universitetet i Agder, Agder, Norge)

Entstanden im Zusammenhang mit folgender Veranstaltung: Conference: Evaluation of Public Policy Responses to 'black swans'


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Tags: black swans, China, crises, democracy, democratic governance, European Union, policy-making, political entrepreneurship, science diplomacy

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Publikations Datum: 2022

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