Policy Brief 2.0 Riconfigure Dialogue Days

Bereich: Technik & Wissen

The second RICONFIGURE policy brief is based on an online cocreation process, the Dialogue Days, held in early July 2020 on an online platform including more than 60 practitioners and policy makers to discuss issues of building appropriate collaborative structures, engaging civil society and QHI governance. In an inclusive online workshop, researchers, innovation policy makers and practitioners co-created this policy brief. The recommendations for policy on EU and national level are (1) Providing funds for collaborative innovation that support civil society actors with more flexible ways to contribute, (2) raising awareness and promoting good practice examples of Quadruple Helix Innovation and (3) offering policy instruments that
support training and mutual understanding amongst the different actors.

AutorInnen: Marschalek , i., Robert Braun, Johannes Starkbaum, Anna Gerhardus Diego Chavarro ilse Marschalek Clare Shelley-Egan Linda Steward Elisabeth Unterfrauner


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Kategorie: Discussion Papers

Publikations Datum: 2020

Bezug: Online (download)