Fostering the Sustainable Development Goals in Horizon Europe

Bereich: Forschungspolitik & Entwicklung

The main objective of the report is to describe and analyse how SD and the SDGs are appearing in European research and innovation policy related discourse, in stakeholder positions towards the next framework programme Horizon Europe (FP9), and reflect findings with experts.

Resulting from a study commissioned by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research in 2018 to inform the strategic planning process of Horizon Europe, this report summarises the findings and expert recommendations in regard to the implementation of the SDGs in coming STI strategies. The report provides an overview and reflection of the representation of the SDGs in the preparation of the Horizon Europe proposal. Moreover, based on expert interviews the report outlines where and how the SDGs could be better and more effectively integrated. It is directed to a broad audience interested in the genesis of Horizon Europe and the robust implementation of the SDGs therein as well as in related strategies and policies. Hence the report serves as knowledge resource for the further development and design of frameworks for science, technology and innovation.

The analysis refers to four different sources of information:
1) Policy papers, EU communications and high-level expert group reports
2) Positions statements of stakeholders in aviso of the EC proposal for FP9
3) Narrative interviews with 8 Austrian and German SDG experts before the publication of the proposal for Horizon Europe
4) Narrative interviews with 3 experts and review of selected international reactions to the proposal for Horizon Europe

Suggested citation:

Mayer, K. and Schuch, K. (2019): Fostering the Sustainable Development Goals in Horizon Europe. Report for the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research. Vienna, February 2019. DOI 10.22163/fteval.2019.416


AutorInnen: Mayer, K., Schuch, K.


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