International Cooperation on Nanosafety between Europe and Latin America

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Protecting workers, consumers and the environment against uncertain risks of manufactured nanomaterials is a global issue. While risk assessment research and risk governance are already well established in Europe and North America, other regions are lagging behind. In Latin America, Brazil has recently joined the EU project on nanoregulation NANoREG and is investing in several projects in nanotoxicology. The situation in other Latin American countries is much more fragmented. The present chapter gives an overview of the current state of the art and future plans in nanosafety research and governance in Latin America based on a bibliometric study, interviews, workshops and literature review that were part of the EU funded project NMP-DeLA

Malsch, I.; Lindorfer, M; Wagner, I. and Lima-Toivanen, M. (2016): International Cooperation on Nanosafety Between Europe and Latin America. In: Managing Risk in Nanotechnology, pages 71–92. Springer International Publishing, Cham, 2016.

AutorInnen: Ineke Malsch, Isabella Wagner, Maria Lima-Toivanen

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