Fostering an entrepreneurial culture in Western Balkans

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Full title: Fostering an entrepreneurial culture in Western Balkans by establishment of creative and entrepreneurial framework with schools and universities

The cooperation between the academic and educational community, the support structures such as BIs (business incubators) and STPs (science and technology parks) and industry in general is widely recognised as desirable. When it comes to the cooperation in the field of education, research reports consistently find that the cooperation practices are highly fragmented and uncoordinated throughout the Europe. The same applies for Western Balkan countries where in many cases there are no direct and structural links between the schools, universities and businesses and/or business support structures.  The situation is to certain extent better when it comes to the relations with the universities, however the education system in this region does not encourage entrepreneurial culture and creativity among pupils and students at satisfactory level. Specific direct and indirect measures would help to foster entrepreneurial culture in WBC, improve the perspective of young generations and subsequently contribute to long-term knowledge-based economic growth in the region as suggested by SEE2020 (South East European 2020 Strategy).

Key words: university-business cooperation, entrepreneurial culture, social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial education, creativity, cooperation in the field of education, Western Balkans

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Tags: Balkan, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship

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