Testing social network platform for older people

Pilot testing phase No1 the Go-myLife platform,

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This document presents the data description and analysis of the pilot testing, phase 1 of the Go-myLife pilot platform, conducted in the UK and Poland within workpackage (WP) 6. The aim of WP6 is to ensure that the Go-myLife services are in line with the defined objectives set out by the project and according to real older people’s needs as explored and defined in WP2. During a two months testing, 37 older people from UK and Poland participated in a first evaluation of the Go-myLife services, collecting inputs for the further improvement of the technical pilot for phase 2 and helping to understand in how far the mobile social network influences older peoples’ social lives.  

The deliverable describes the involved pilot sites in UK and Poland, number and profiles of test users, as well as the introduction and facilitation processes for the acquisition, training and support of end-users during the pilot tests. It presents the main findings from this first testing phase and comes up with the main conclusions and recommendations for the pilot phase 2. Version 2 of this document will be provided after the pilot testing, phase 2 in month 24 of the Go-myLife project.

AutorInnen: Schwarz-Woelzl, M., Schäfer / Schaefer, T.


Tags: ageing society, evaluation, participatory design

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Publikations Datum: 2012

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