Creating Smart Space for Learning

Creating Smart Space for Learning

Although the Internet offers a variety of learning resources, it is often very difficult and cumbersome for the user to identify and select the appropriate learning services such as courses, seminars, web based training applications or some specific learning material, including e.g. specific cultural objects. A restricted overview and lack of information about the quality and reputation of a specific learning service or material reduces the choice amongst the variety of heterogeneous learning services while at the same time the search and selection process is a very time consuming task for the users.
Driven by these currently existing drawbacks, the Elena project ( aims at increasing the effectiveness of the learning management process by developing open and intelligent tools for the realization of what is called Smart Spaces for Learning. In a Smart Space for Learning each user has its own electronic avatar called the Personal Learning Assistant (PLA). This PLA is capable of querying an open network for learner-specific learning services, giving individual recommendations according to the user's profile and even contracting the learning service for the user.

AutorInnen: Dolog, Peter; Kieslinger, Barbara; Miklós, Zoltán; Olmedilla, Daniel; Simon, Bernd


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Publikations Datum: 2004

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