Hydrometeorological Innovative Solutions (Spain)

Hydrometeorological solutions for risk management. Cutting-edge services for proactive weather-induced emergencies management.

Akronym: HYDS

Driven by innovation: hyds is a dynamic company offering innovative solutions in hydrometeorology. Originated from one of the world leading research groups in hydrometeorology (CRAHI-UPC), hyds has become one of the most innovative companies in the field with broad international synergies and closest links to the scientific world. These capabilities allow hyds to explore new ways in transferring scientific progress to real time applications. Solutions to real-world challenges: Weather has become one of the main factors impacting on modern society: causing major effects on people and goods, influencing on many professional sectors, and having major implications on a number of outdoor activities. hyds has recognized the need for high quality hydrometeorological information and offers a suite of innovative products that help society, companies, public and administrative sectors, minimise the effects of weather on their activities. Technology transfer as the source of innovation: hyds success is based on two sources of innovation and inspiration: constant technology transfer from leading research centers to hyds and continuous dialogue with end-users, scientists, and clients. The combination of both allows hyds to propose highly innovative solutions that meet the challenges of the real world.


Calle Jordi Girona 1-3
08034 Barcelona


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