Odit-e (France)

Odit-e is a business using network data for electrical networks

Akronym: Odit-e

Odit-e is the result of the meeting of electrical distribution experts from Schneider with academic researchers from Grenoble-INP. They all share the same diagnosis and a common vision of the potential solutions. With forty years of cumulative experience in public distribution markets and six years of research on network modelling, they combine their skills to develop innovative solutions and to help distribution network operators face these new challenges. Odit-e exploits the amount of existing network data to identify potentially stressed areas. Odit-e then refines its diagnosis with a small number of field measurements and proposes the most accurate solutions to make the network evolve towards more efficiency and reliability of supply. This approach is based on a cloud platform that hosts expert algorithms, collects data, and provides access to network operation, without requiring interfacing with existing IT systems.


29 Chemin du Vieux Chêne
38240 Meylan