Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (South Africa)

Scientific technology research organisation in South Africa

Akronym: CSIR

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is a leading scientific and technology research organisation that researches, develops, localises and diffuses technologies to accelerate socioeconomic prosperity in South Africa. The organisation’s work contributes to industrial development and supports a capable state. The CSIR was established through an Act of Parliament in 1945 and the organisation’s executive authority is the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology. The organisation plays a key role in supporting public and private sectors through directed research that is aligned with the country’s priorities, the organisation’s mandate and its science, engineering and technology competences. Impact is at the core of our business and the following objectives are crafted to ensure that we achieve our mission: Conduct research, development and innovation of transformative technologies and accelerate their diffusion; Improve the competitiveness of high-impact industries to support South Africa’s re-industrialisation by collaboratively developing, localising and implementing technology; Drive socioeconomic transformation through RD&I that supports the development of a capable state; Build and transform human capital and infrastructure; and Diversify income, and maintain financial sustainability and good governance. Our core values are EPIC and they are the driving force behind our ability to conduct cutting-edge research and technological innovation to improve the quality of life of South Africans.


Meiring Naudé Road
South Africa