Buurkracht Projecten B.V. (The Netherlands)

Buurkracht was started in 2013 by Enexis (an energy grid operator). Initially to support people in saving energy together and make their home more sustainable.

But it soon became clear that the strength of the neighbors not only works for sustainability, but also for other themes such as mobility, quality of life, and citizen participation. As of December 1, 2019 Buurkracht is an independent foundation to achieve even more impact and to scale up its successful approach and tools. Buurkracht is a social enterprise, which means that we work for municipalities, provinces, national government, etc, but there is no profit goal, only a development goal! Buurkracht believes in the strength of neighbors. We believe that together they make things more beautiful, better, safer, fun or greener. And thus increase the social network and resilience in the neighborhood. Buurkracht centers around connection and activation/engagement. Because only by doing things together does real connection arise. Buurkracht finds initiators, connects neighbours and inspires and supports them to take action. Local residents are now working in almost 500 neighbourhoods in the Netherlands. We want to increase their impact by broadening in other relevant neighbourhood themes and upscaling.


The Netherlands


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