Gmina Prusice (Poland)

Prusice is a commune of almost 10 000 inhabitants located on the outskirts of the Wroclaw agglomeration in Poland in a quite isolated but touristically attractive neighborhood.

The economic conditions such as unemployment, poverty, a decreasing number of inhabitants and difficulties to pull new investments and create workplaces were the key drivers for local authorities of Prusice to decide on a new development strategy – becoming a carbon neutral and fully energy independent commune. Beside innovative and ecological aspects this strategy is expected to generate savings for the commune’s budget that can be re-invested in other social and infrastructural programs as well as to solve demographic problems (encourage people to settle down or not leave Prusice). Part of this strategy is to support civic energy in its territory. The municipality aims to attract new inhabitants and business investors by encouraging the ‘green’ (and thus cheap, healthy and innovative) energy solutions for citizens its key differentiator and advantage over the neighboring municipalities.




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