University of Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

public university in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Akronym: UNZE

University of Zenica is the youngest public university in Bosnia and Herzegovina, currently employing 360 teaching and administrative staff (full time+200 dual time), serving approximately 6,500 students at the graduate, postgraduate and doctoral level. UZ is a fully integrated higher education institution, comprising 6 faculties in 3 different science fields (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law, Pedagogical Faculty and Faculty of Health). The Entrerpreneurship and Innovation Centre (CIP) at UZ was established in 2007. Its main activities include promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship among students and teaching staff, organising of conferences, consultancies, internships, fairs, etc., Cooperating between the University and the job market, related to the creation and development of the new teaching plans and programmes, and promotion of international cooperation on a project and programme basis. UZ largely contributes to the development of innovativeness/entrepreneurship in terms of the collaboration with industry with the aim of adjusting its educational system to their needs. It has also developed very successful mechanism of Quality Control in higher education.


Bosnia and Herzegovina