Science and Technology Park Montenegro (Montenegro)

S&T Park supporting economic growth in Montenegro

Akronym: STP MNE

NAUCNO - TEHNOLOSKI PARK CRNE GORE, Science and Technology Park Montenegro (STP MNE) was founded in September 2019, with the aim of giving support and strengthening the potentials of economic growth and development of Montenegro, through establishment and growth of the companies/teams in high tech activities. A special activity aspect of Science and Technology Park Montenegro is a support in the development and commercialization of innovative ideas and projects.

STP MNE was established in partnership of Government of Montenegro, Ministry of Science and University of Montenegro with a common vision to become a key place where innovative and creative individuals and projects will merge, along with the intensive cooperation of key stakeholders of entrepreneurial process (science and economy).

Science and Technology Park Montenegro will be focused on the creation of a technological development centre of Montenegro, which through its various programs and activities will provide an adequate support to the promotion of the innovation-entrepreneurial ecosystem in Montenegro, and thus contribute to faster economic development of our country. The main facility of STP Montenegro is still under construction, with a goal to be fully operated in the second half of 2021. With its position, located within the campus, University of Montenegro, Science and Technology Park Montenegro will offer more than adequate conditions for small business development, for stimulating the development of start-ups, creating creative and innovative teams of multidisciplinary orientation. Keeping track of the latest trends and developments, Science and Technology Park Montenegro will be equipped with the latest technical-technological solutions that will provide the highest possible level of energy efficiency and comfort for all employees who will work in his space.

STP MNE is also surrounded and supported by its qualified personnel: the executive director has extensive experience in national and international development projects tied for cooperation between the academic, scientific and business communities and has participated in numerous project activities related to scientific and business activities and to the creation of an entrepreneurial-innovation ecosystem; the program manager has a long-time of experience in research and teaching activities gained from the University of Montenegro. Both managers are very well acquainted with academic and business environment in the country, along with global perspectives regarding the scientific and innovation-entrepreneurial ecosystem.

81000 Podgorica


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