FINOVATIS develops the search for funding and its structure, the management and promotion of R&D projects as tools to serve the strategic vision of our clients.


Funding Research and Development to drive the competitiveness of socio-economic parties.

“Everything changes, nothing remains without change” BUDDHA

R&D : The engine for growth

Globalization encourages the development of competition, which intensifies every day with the arrival of new market players and the continuous acceleration of scientific and technical progress in many business sectors.

More than ever before, research and innovation are becoming key drivers of economic growth and competitiveness, both for companies and other socio-economic players.
In this context, all entities are restructuring and making significant investments in targeted Research and Development activities.

Creating value for R&D activities

Creating value for these activities means developing an efficient strategy and implementing an integrated, multidisciplinary and cross-sector collaborative approach built on relevant private-sector players, high performance public organisations, and the deployment of a suitable management process.

There are numerous national and international incentives available to sustain this momentum. All too often, the complexity, instability and multiplicity of these programs render them inaccessible and limit their usefulness.


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