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Akronym: DG Enterprise and Industry

The European Commission's Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry has the mission to promote a growth-friendly framework for European enterprises. It has a key role in the Europe 2020 agenda of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. To promote growth in Europe, we focus on six objectives: Ensure an open internal market for goods in the EU; Strengthen the industrial base in Europe; Encourage the growth of SMEs and promote an entrepreneurial culture; Promote industrial innovation to generate new sources of growth; Support the internationalisation of EU businesses; Support the European presence in space and satellite navigation. Our flagship initiative is "An Industrial Policy for the Globalisation Era" which sets out a number of actions to improve the business environment, notably for SMEs, and to support the development of a strong and sustainable industrial base able to compete globally. DG Enterprise and Industry is playing an active role to promote smart, sustainable and inclusive growth throughout all industrial sectors, including service industries like tourism. The policy of DG Enterprise and Industry contributes to making Europe a more competitive, innovative and resource-efficient economy, ready to tackle today's and tomorrow's challenges. We are responsible for the product legislation in a number of sectors to ensure a well-functioning internal market. We manage large industrial programmes in space and satellite navigation (GALILEO and Copernicus). We are the voice of SMEs in European policy-making. In short, we are pursuing a "MISSION GROWTH" to lead Europe in the new industrial revolution! DG Enterprise and Industry employs around 1,000 people in its departments and units pdf - 69 KB [69 KB] français (fr) and is responsible for a budget of some € 1.5 billion.

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