Széchenyi István University (Hungary)

Széchenyi István University

Akronym: SZE

The Széchenyi István University (SZE) offers two one-cycle study programmes, 22 BA/BSc and 12 MA/MSc study programmesvia 3 faculties and two institutes. It has two doctoral schools and 2 independent research centres. The University has almost hundred connections with other European University The team participating in DANCERS is from the Department of Environmental Engineering, whose main research profile is to improve the Environmental Management and Assessment Model (EMAM) which is aiming to assess the mutual effects of the different development policies on the natural sources so researching what the answers of the ecological as well as the – so called – institutional environment would be; which patterns of social,-economical system(s) could be sustained. Target of own R+D programme is an Environmental Assessment Expert System (EAES), which is suitable or/and offers support for pre-review of different development policies – even in trans-boundary regions. The system analysis in the model contents beyond the indication of the state as well as the utilization of the environmental resources also the investigation of the relevant rules and the evaluation of the mutual effects with other development programmes in a certain region, eg. on a river basin.

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