German Federal Institute of Hydrology (Germany)

Bundesanstalt fuer Gewaesserkunde

Akronym: BAFG

The BafG is a scientific institution ranking as a supreme Federal agency advising the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS) and the Waterways and Shipping Administration (WSV) in matters of utilization and management of the German Federal Waterways. Our primarily task is to contribute to the efficiency and environmental compatibility of the traffic system. The BafG meets this requirement with an expertise anchored in three scientific divisions, corresponding to the following major fields of activities: Quantitative hydrology, Qualitative hydrology and Ecology. This expertise allows the BafG to provide the following services: Consulting and assessments: Based on scientific findings either acquired by the BafG or elsewhere, The BafG highlights sustainable and economic uses of German waterways, e.g. by contributions to environmental impact assessment required in the context of river training or maintenance projects of the WSV. This way the BafG contributes to the reconciliation of conflicting interests and goals. Research and development: In the context of the BafG's applied research programs, the BafG is constantly refining its measuring methods, theoretical approaches and forecasting models. These tools help the BafG to continually improve the interpretation of the available data. In order to stay up to date the BafG attaches great importance to networking, especially the participation in a large number of international research projects and related activities. The BafG works embedded within a transboundary network of customers and partners. It pools its specific expertise and competence necessary for handling national and international projects following the principles of sustainable development.


Am Mainzer Tor 1
56068 Koblenz


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