The University of Stirling (United Kingdom)

The University of Stirling

Akronym: STIR

The School of Natural Sciences (SNS) at the University of Stirling was formed in January 2011 providing a distinctive academic arena where new fundamental understandings of the complex and challenging inter-relationships between human behaviours, technologies, biological, environmental and aquatic systems are created, explored and tested. BES at Stirling comprises 28 academics who seek to understand the processes driving the evolution and maintenance of biodiversity from the genetic to the ecosystem level, how environments and ecosystems have changed over annual to millennial timescales and to mitigate the future impacts of anthropogenic change and natural hazards. BES is exploiting and pioneering in techniques from the molecular level to global earth observation. Outputs inform practitioners in conservation and environmental management and policy. The School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (GEES) at Birmingham comprises >80 academic staff with specialists that cover Water Sciences, Environmental Health, and Geosystems. Ongoing research in the School explores new developments in environmental monitoring, and utilising the well-equipped School laboratories (e.g. Stable Isotope and Luminescence lab. SILLA). The Department of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences at Hull (HULL) comprises 22 academics specialising in the interactions between climate, earth surface processes and ecology. On-going research (EU Hydralab and RCUK funding) is making use of the state-of-the-art laboratory ( and bathymetric survey facilities. SUERC is a research institute, specialising in geochemistry, radiochemistry and isotope biogeosciences. Housing the most comprehensive suite of dating techniques in the UK, it hosts five national facilities: the Radiocarbon Facility, the Argon Isotope Facility, the Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry Facility, the Isotope Community Support Facility and the Cosmogenic Isotope Analysis Facility.


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