Tebigy Kuwwat (Turkmenistan)

Central Asian partner - based in Turkmenistan

Akronym: TK

The Tebigy Kuwwat Social Unit Enterprise functions in accordance with the current legislation of Turkmenistan and the State programmes on environment protection. The activities of Tebigy Kuwwat cover the following fields: • Providing information to State Authorities on environment protection • Distribution of the experience in innovative technologies and best practice for sustainable land and water management • Participation in ecological and educational projects • Rendering of the consulting services in realisation environment protection projects • Development of the potential of local population in environment protection The Tebigy Kuwwat staff members have accumulated a great expertise in the aforementioned fields. In addition, they are regularly involved into the realisation of projects with the UNDP, UNEP, OSCE, Tempus, World Bank, ADB, IDB and others. These projects include: Power and Water Supply with Solar and Wind Energy Utilization at the Caspian Seashore Area. MSGP, 2003-2005; PDD for Wind Power Station on the Island Kyzyl-Su. CDM Project in Turkmenistan, Turkmenbashi district, 2005 -2007; Estimation and monitoring of land degradation as a result of salinisation and testing of new methods of phytoreclamation in Turkmenistan. USAID, 2005-2006; Distichlis spicata (Saltgrass): a new slat-tolerant fodder crop for recovering saline soils. USAID, 2005-2006; Working out a mechanism of coordination and interaction among key ministries, departments, research institutes and other organisations in resolving emergency situations. IOM, 2007-2009; Creation of the Aarhus Convention Centre. TACIS, 2008-2009; Increase in the potential of the local authorities and local communities in the territory of Turkmenistan subject to natural calamities. IOM, 2009; Trainer Training in English for Specific Purposes. Tempus, Turkmenistan-United Kingdom-Spain, 2006 -2010; Participation of young people in ensuring sustainable development and environment management in the Caspian region using the mechanisms of the Aarhus Convention, CASPECO, 2010; Use of innovative technologies in training. US Embassy Grant, 2010 -2011; Development of Quality Assurance System in Turkmenistan on the Base of Bologna Standards. Tempus, 2010 -2014; Strengthening the management effectiveness of the protected area system of Turkmenistan. (The III Red Book of Turkmenistan). UNDP, MNP, 2011; Turkmenistan. Reduction of the risks connected with change of a climate. UNDP, 2011-2012; Aarhus Centre in Turkmenistan. OSCE, MNP, 2012- 2013

2127 (M.Kosayev) str., 23,appt.1
744000 Ashgabat


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