Cleantech Bulgaria (Bulgaria)

Connecting Bulgarian stakeholders in the field of clean technologies

Akronym: Фондация "Клийнтех България"

Cleantech Bulgaria is a network that brings together companies and organizations, experts and partners to form a clean technology and green business community.  It is part of the global cleantech business and expert community,  fostering sustainable business in Bulgaria by using variety of communication and resource tools. Cleantech Bulgaria strives towards helping build sustainable business culture on many  social and business levels and towards supporting  the exchange of knowledge, expertise, innovative products, technologies and services in Bulgaria and in the region and is invested in promoting the “green” economy of Bulgaria globally through international partnership and by facilitating  participation in competitions, events and projects, as well as through best business praxis and innovation  transfer. 


Svetlostrui 13, entr. A,
1111 Sofia


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