Institute of Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Czech Republic)

The Institute was founded in 1990 as a successor to the original Institute of Philosophy of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences (CAS).

Akronym: FLU

The scientific activities of the Institute are aimed at transdisciplinary research into selected key problems in philosophy and related disciplines in the humanities, in particular logic, classical and medieval studies, studies and editing of Comenuis' work, theory of science and global studies. This research is undertaken in close cooperation with universities and other scientific institutions. The scientific output of the Institute is published in books and in domestic and foreign specialist journals. The Institute is the publisher of the respected specialist journals Filosofický časopis, Acta Comeniana, Listy filologické, Teorie vědy/Theory of Science and Eiréné; together with the Institute of Philosophy of the Slovak Academy of Sciences it publishes Organon F. The Institute's publishing house Filosofia produces a wide range of philosophical literature in Czech as well as in other languages.

The Institute is divided into the following different scientific units:

  • Department of Analytic Philosophy
  • Department for the Study of Modern Rationality
  • Centre for Classical Studies
  • Department of Logic
  • Department of Contemporary Continental Philosophy
  • Centre for Science, Technology, and Society Studies
  • Department of Moral and Political Philosophy
  • Centre for Biblical Studies
  • The Jan Patočka Archive
  • Department for the Study of Modern Czech Philosophy
  • Centre of Global Studies
  • Collegium Europaeum
  • Department for the Study of Ancient and Medieval Thought
  • Centre for Medieval Studies
  • Centre for Formal Epistemology
  • Department of Comenius Studies and Early Modern Intellectual History
  • Centre for Theoretical Study


Jilská 1
110 00 Prague
Czech Republic


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