Institute of Material Sciences SPA "Physics - Sun" Academy of Sciences Republic of Uzbekistan (Uzbekistan)


Akronym: IMS-Uz

The Institute of Material Sciences SPA "Physics - Sun" Academy of Sciences Republic of Uzbekistan (IMS-Uz) founded on 05.01.1993, is the basic structural part of research activity of an Academy of Sciences and carries out activity under a scientific - methodical management of Presidium and branch of physical and mathematical sciences of Academy. Structure of institute includes six scientific laboratories and three departments, and also pilot production with the unique Big Solar Furnace by thermal capacity of 1 MW. The institute has all conditions for organization of the international scientific conference and symposiums. It is affinity to capital of Republic, modern architecture of the institute, engineering communications, transport, hotels, conference halls, exhibition halls, the restaurants etc. Here are carried out already some large international symposiums, conferences and others of measures, in particular on use of a solar energy. Let's note, that in institute the educational centre functions, where there pass research-and-production practice the students of the senior rates of the appropriate higher educational institutions of Republic of Uzbekistan and near foreign countries - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Russia. From our point of view attraction of the countries of distant foreign countries - countries of Europe, America and Asia in the Educational Centre raises opportunities of the Centre involving attention of the foreign researchers in area applied solar energy and heliomaterial science. Unique scientific objects and manufacturing areas: The Institute operates a unique object – Big Solar Furnace (BSF) with capacity of 1MW. BSF represents a difficult optical-mechanical complex with the automatic control system consisting from heliostats field and the parabolic concentrator, forming in a focal zone of the concentrator (a technological tower) a radiant stationary stream of high density. Total area of reflecting surface of heliostats field - 3022,5 m2 , concentrator -1840 m2 The concentrator focuses reflected from heliostats solar beams on a focal zone in diameter 1м, where is created high energy. The focal area is located in a technological tower where special devices are established and the equipment allowing to investigate the physical and chemical processes proceeding at high temperature influence on substances. The institute has an industrial line "Ceramics" where is made on the basis of the materials developed and synthesized on the Big Solar Furnace. These materials, possessing unique operational and physical and chemical characteristics, such as the small factor of thermal expansion, high durability and thermal stability in extreme environments, have a wide scope. On the basis of unique object international projects STSU are carried out Р-3438. "Create out of ecologically pure technology of creation of technical ceramics with solar energy use" and Uzb-121 "Create out of optimum technology of transformation of a solar energy in laser radiation".




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