National Center on Complex Processing of Mineral Raw Material of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan)


Akronym: CMRP-Kz

The Republican State Enterprise “National Center on Complex Processing of Mineral Raw Material of the Republic of Kazakhstan” (CMRP-Kz) was founded in July 1993 by Order of the President of Kazakhstan under Ministry of Industry and Trade. The main activities of the Center have to do with the coordination and implementation of research in the mining and metallurgical complex, ecological, chemical and technology development enterprises of Kazakhstan as well as creation of innovationinvestment infrastructure and technology transfer activity. The Center is largest scientific-industry company of Kazakhstan and the Central Asia in the field of mining, dressing and processing of the mineral raw materials. Its infrastructure includes the following large institutions of Kazakhstan: 1. Kunaev Institute of Mining (Almaty) 2. Abishev Chemical-Metallurgical Institute (Karaganda) 3. Eastern Scientific-Research Mining-Metallurgical Institute of Non-ferrous Metals “VNIICVETMET” (Ust-Kamengorosk) 4. State Scientific Production Association of the Industrial Ecology “Kazmekhanobr” (Almaty) 5. OJSC “Kazchermetavtomatika” (Ferrous metallurgy automation) 6. Journal « Industry of Kazakhstan » bimonthly issue recognized by Supreme Certifying Committee of Kazakhstan The Center participates in number of national and international projects in accordance to its main activity as the following: • Basic and applied research in the field of mining, dressing and metallurgical processing of mineral and manmade raw materials, chemistry, petrochemistry and ecology issues; • Development and adoption of new technologies to process minerals and to protect an environment; • Technological design of chemical and mining-metallurgical enterprises; • Automation of the technology operations; • Creation of innovative SMEs; • Manufacturing and realization of chemical and metal productionsж • Technological and ecological audit of the industrial enterprises.

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