National Academy of Sciences of Republic of Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan)


By the Presidential decree in 2003 Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) was appointed as an organization which coordinates the scientific research in all state research and educational centers. The Presidium of ANAS prepares for consideration in the state and legislative bodies legislation and drafts of normative documents, related to the activity of the Academy, S&T complex of the country, to development of economy, democratic transformations in Azerbaijan, in particular to the legislation on scientific policy in the country and intellectual property. At present, there are about 150 Research and Development personnel employed at the Presidium of ANAS. Including other personnel, the total number reaches about 320. The Heads of Departments of ANAS have their offices in the building of the Presidium. In 2004 the Presidium of ANAS by its decision created a Coordination Council which manages and controls the carrying out of fundamental and applied research, connection of interregional scientific technical programmes and their realization in all scientific and educational institutions of the arts, natural, technical, public spheres of science of the Azerbaijan Republic. The Presidium of ANAS has skills in RTD management and financing, shows the experience and acceptance necessary to reach the research community concerned and has good knowledge of national research landscape, has adequate human resources and equipment, provides an appropriate interface between the EU RTD and the S&T community of Azerbaijan, increases co-operation between researches of Azerbaijan and FP member and associated states as well as international networking among the researchers from academia and industry and stimulate Azeri scientists to engage in joint projects funded under FP. The Presidium of ANAS was hosting organization of Azerbaijan National Information Point of FP6 and INTAS Infodesk from 2003 up to 2007. In the end of 2006 the Presidium of ANAS became the EU FP7-NCP in Azerbaijan. The Presidium of ANAS is a participant of the consortium in two FP7 projects which are being implemented at present: INCO EECA Net and BS-ERA.NET projects.




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