University of Patras (Greece)

School of Engineering

The University of Patras was founded in the city of Patras in 1964 and it began functioning in the academic year 1966?67. Its creation contributed vastly to the decentralization of academic education in Greece.

The University Campus is located 12 km East of the city of Patras, in the municipality of Rion, covering a flat area of 4.500 acres . It is a self?contained campus at the foot of mount Panachaico with a view over the Gulf of Corinth to the mountains of Central Greece across the water.

University of Patras is the third largest University in Greece concerning the size of students potential, the faculty members, administrative personnel, number of departments, and accredited students titles.

The University of Patras includes 22 Departments, with a large number of sectors and consequently a great range of disciplines, which operate 112 laboratories and 14 clinics fully equipped.

The University of Patras has 21,200 undergraduate and 3,260 postgraduate students. It enumerates 754 of faculty members, 238 of teaching staff, and 481 administrative personnel.

Besides its distinguished path in education, the University of Patras has made excellence in the fields of basic and applied research. The University of Patras has acquired international prominence for pioneering and wide ranging research in areas such as Environment, Health, Biotechnology, Mechanics, Electronics, Informatics and basic science. A number of its Departments, Laboratories and Clinics have been designated as Centers of Excellence, on the basis of international assessment. The University of Patras has a reputation for quality and innovative research and presents an effective participation in a plethora of research projects, scientific organizations, and research groups.

Together with its educational and research work, the rich cultural activity of the University of Patras, attracts many candidate students every year as their first and foremost choice for their High degree studies.

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University of Patras
University campus, 26504, Rio
Tel. 2610 997120, 2610 997100
Fax 2610 991711

School of Engineering
Central Library Building- University of Patras - Rio
Patras - Postal Code 26504
Phone: +30 2610 969648 FAX: +30 2610 969684


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