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Foresight / Forward-Looking Activities

Foresight / Forward-Looking Activities

With the availability of new technological means, foresight has experienced a resurge in popularity in recent years. The majority of Western countries have used foresight in one way or another to positively affect the medium to long-term future.

We see foresight - due to its participatory nature - both as a networking tool and as a policy-making tool that, if well-designed, allows to collectively gather insightful intelligence on future developments. This in turn allows to make better-informed decisions today.

We apply foresight methods predominantly in research cooperation projects as well as in topics of high societal relevance, such as Climate Change, Energy, or Bioeconomy. To enable policy actions today, based on insights of the future, an adequate foresight process involving major stakeholder groups is necessary, e.g. policy-makers, scientists, industry, or civil society, as they help to identifythe barriers to and catalysts of a desirable future. Recommendations help decision-makers to ascertain the challenges and their possible solutions.

Some of ZSI's foresight endeavours focus(ed) on

References / Contracting authorities:

European Commission (Forward Visions on the European Research Area, ERA-Net New Indigo, Linking Russia to the ERA, TEL-Map)

European Regional Development Fund (Regional ICT Foresight exercise for Southeast European countries)

Contact person: DI Dietmar Lampert

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