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PSF Peer Review Estonia

Independent Peer Review of the Estonian Research and Innovation system

Although reviews of the Estonian R&I system had been carried out in the past, there was the political need to have an updated and external view on the entire Estonian R&I system in 2019.

This Peer Review focused on:

  • assessment of the overall effectiveness of the Estonian R&I system, outlining its strengths and weaknesses and paying particular attention to the aspects of its socio-economic impact, including in terms of creation of added value in the business sector and productivity growth;
  • development of a roadmap of practical and actionable recommendations suitable for the Estonia's context.

The results of the Peer Review provide an important input for the R&I policy framework from 2021 onwards, as well as for the development plans in other areas having a direct impact on the R&I system.

ZSI nominated one of the key experts, Ian Tracey. 



Bereich: Forschungspolitik & Entwicklung

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Tags: policy analysis, policy recommendations, research and innovation policy, research policy

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Von/Bis: 10/2018 - 08/2019

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