Expert workshop on accessibility, mobility and ICT solutions held in Bonn!

21. Sep 2016

MyAccessible.EU project invites experts to Bonn

As part of the EU project 'MyAccessible.EU' our second expert workshop took place in Bonn, Germany on 9th September, 2016. Several members of our external advisory board participated in this one-day workshop. Among others NGO representatives form accessible tourism, the founder of 'onwheels' in Belgium as well as a former local politican from Elche, Spain and a researcher from AIT Vienna were represented.

In the morning session current MyAccessible.EU tools (see a page with all our mapping tools here) and some of our pilot activities were presented. In the afternoon an interactive world-cafe session discussed our current draft for policy recommendations. In lively discussions our experts gave interesting and valuable input to improve our recommendations. Some of the discussions revolved around which strategies and methods are needed to encourage more citizens to gather and share data about accessibility, as well as how to ensure that accessibility becomes an issue across various governmental sectors and topics such as education, mobility etc. 

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Tags: accessibility, mobility, policy recommendations