High interest in ener2i Innovation Voucher Competition Georgia

11. Mai 2015

18 applications to the ener2i Innovation Voucher Competition Georgia were received

The ener2i Innovation Voucher Competition in Georgia 2015 has generated a high interest among Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and research organisations in Georgia. In total 18 applications have been submitted to the competition. The competition was launched on 4 March 2015 and closed on 4 May 2015. The applicants of the six best project ideas, with the highest evaluation score will be awarded with the Innovation Vouchers of € 4,000 each. Results will be published at the beginning of June 2015.

The Innovation Voucher Competition in Georgia has been carried out  by the EU FP7 funded project ener2i ( The aim of the competition was to initiate innovation projects in the field of energy efficiency (EE) and Renewable Energy Sources (RES) by providing direct financial support in an early stage of project development. SMEs, including start-ups and spin-offs, got the possibility to purchase research and development services from knowledge providers to realise their projects and to establish or intensify their relationship with research institutions and international partners.

More information about ener2i Innovation Voucher Competitions here.

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