Seminar on Research and Innovation Policy (for Eastern Partnership countries)

Experts from Eastern Partnership countries attend a seminar on STI policies in Vienna

Bereich: Forschungspolitik & Entwicklung

Datum: 16. - 20. Februar 2015

The "Seminar on Research and Innovation Policy" informed about fundamental theory of STI policy-making and policy-delivery, discusses new approaches and instruments of modern STI policies and put emphasis on policy learning, assessment and evaluation of public interventions.

The participants of the seminar were experts from the field of STI policy-making, STI policy-delivery and research management from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova as well as from Ukraine.

The seminar consisted of the following modules, which were conducted by the following experts:

  • The theoretical foundations of STI policy (Klaus Schuch)
  • STI policy paradigms (Wolfgang Polt)
  • STI policy mixes (Mark Sellenthin)
  • Innovation support instruments and programmes (Klaus Schuch)
  • Policy instruments for technology transfer and IPR frameworks (Alfred Radauer)
  • Measurement of R&D and innovation (Wolfgang Polt)
  • Assessment of the performance of research organsiations and instruments for steering a more competitive R&D development (Ülle Must)
  • International cooperation in science, technology and innovation (Manfred Horvat)
  • Foresight as an instrument for science, technology and innovation policies (Matthias Weber)

In addition, a presentation about international cooperation in the field of STI in Austria is given by Mr. Heribert Buchbauer at the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, also the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology will be visited.

The "Seminar on Research and Innovation Policy" was organised by ZSI in the frame of the IncoNet Eastern Partnership Countries project which is funded by the EC under the 7th European Framework Programme for Research and Technological Develeopment (FP7).

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Organisator: ZSI - Centre for Social Innovation

Veranstaltungsort: Vienna

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