Research Policy & Development


Regions for climate change resilience through Innovation, Science and Technology

Increasing the adaptive capacity of climate-vulnerable EU regions

The ambition of the project is to demonstrate innovative resilient solutions for water/air/land climate change issues and promote the sustainable upscale of these new solutions towards end-users for increased regional resilience towards climate change, resulting in increases in public and private green investments, reduction of regional climate protection gaps and, ultimately, social benefits (reduced number of climate change related deaths, improvements in quality of life) and economic growth. More specifically, RESIST will implement 4 large-scale demonstrators (including 1 in a less developed region) of resilient innovations for Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) at air, water and soil level with quintuple-helix partnerships, and promote transfer of know-how and innovative solutions to 8 twin regions (of which 4 less developed regions) through both physical mutual-learning activities and innovative immersive digital twins.


Section: Research Policy & Development


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Type: Research

Program: Horizon Innovation Action

Project Status: In progress

Start/End: 01/2023 - 12/2027

Project Duration: 60 months