Behaviour Change and Degrowth in Integrated Assessment Models

6. Sep. 2023

Presenting the NEVERMORE project at the 9th international Degrowth Conference

ZSI's Katharina Koller and Lisa Mo Seebacher contributed to a presentation titled "Modelling behavioral change for analysing degrowth pathways in Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs)", presented by NEVERMORE project partner Paola Lopez-Muñoz from the Universidad de Valladolid (Spain) at the at the 9th international Degrowth Conference (August/September 2023).

The presentation discussed a new approach developed within the NEVERMORE project to enable the modeling of behavioural change in Integrated Assessment Models.

Behavioral change is a key strategy for achieving sustainable development by reducing resource use and waste. However, our understanding of how it interacts with ecological, economic, political, and social systems is incomplete. Existing research often focuses on individual consumption rather than collective efforts. The presentation presents new insights on how to integrate behavioural change into a new modeling framework, WILIAM, developed within the NEVERMORE project. This complex model considers various societal interactions and feedback loops. It's informed by a literature review on behavioral change measures for sustainable degrowth.

The model provides insights into the intentions and impacts of transformative behavioral change, focusing on systemic enablers and constraints. This research contributes to systematic planning and evaluation of degrowth as a political project.

The presentation slides can be accessed on Researchgate

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