Presenting the Climatubers project at the Sustainability Psychology conference

27. Feb. 2023

ZSI presented the Participatory Video method, piloted in the Climatubers project, and results from its evaluation

ZSI’s Katharina Koller presented a poster covering insights from the Climatubers project at the 12th annual Sustainability Psychology Preconference, which took place online. This year’s theme was “Diversifying Sustainability Psychology: Towards the inclusion of diverse populations, actors, and methodologies.” The poster titled "The Participatory Video Method for Making Silent Climate Voices Heard. Insights From Implementation and Evaluation." presented the Participatory Video method and first results from the evaluation, lead by ZSI:

Much research in environmental psychology focusses on populations that are already well-researched and loud in the public discourse on climate change, while socially excluded and disadvantaged groups remain ignored. This contribution describes the implementation of a participatory method based on video creation (Participatory Video; PV) for working with disadvantaged groups (e.g., migrant youth, elderly) on the topic of climate change. In the PV method, participants engage in workshops to produce a video in which they articulate their own narratives of climate change and climate injustice. PV offers several opportunities for researchers in environmental psychology: PV provides incentives for participants by offering improvement of digital, social, and creative skills and social exchange; PV can generate new insights into key environmental constructs (e.g. awareness, knowledge) of these underresearched groups; sharing the produced videos can emphasise the needs and experiences of disadvantaged groups in the public discourse and place them on the policy agenda. This contribution will present the PV method and its implementation as well as discuss first results from the five pilots.

The poster can be downloaded below or on Researchgate.


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