Thematic Areas

Social Inclusion & Equal Opportunities

Supporting SDG 10 (Reducing Inequalities)

Social inclusion and equal opportunities are a necessity to build a more fair and just society. Social innovations may assist in achieving this goal. Social inclusion and equal opportunities, hence, belong to the thematic core competencies of ZSI.

The target groups and stakeholders of our projects are as diverse as the problems themselves.  For instance, we:

  • provide studies on migrant inclusion
  • assist in developing strategies for cities and regions for youth integration
  • implement social policy experiments with service providers and homeless people in train stations
  • link actors working in the field of education and housing for Roma inclusion

All projects have one goal in common: fighting social exclusion.

The methods we apply vary according to the local needs: we conduct research, provide training, and advise policy makers in developing programmes and projects, assist in networking, implement projects together with practitioners, and evaluate policy actions.

For fighting social exclusion, ZSI is partnering with research and applied science centres, NGOs, and public institutions across Europe and beyond. We frequently cooperate with the European Metropolis Employment Network MetropolisNet ( Funding of our projects is mainly provided via EU-programmes such as Lifelong Learning, Social policy experiment, and the Framework Programme. 

Contact person: Dr. habil. Ursula Holtgrewe

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