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Intercultural & Transdisciplinary Cooperation

Intercultural & Transdisciplinary Cooperation

The Centre for Social Innovation works with more than 500 organisations from all over the world, and with researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds. ZSI projects often tackle multi-layered issues – for example questions on social innovation – which require trans-disciplinary approaches and balanced processes with intercultural knowledge and empathy.

Our staff has manifold intercultural experiences and cooperates with policy makers, researchers, civil society organisations, schools, and different target groups from several geographical regions, such as South East Europe, Russia, Eastern Partnership countries, Africa, Latin America, East Asia, Southeast Asia and India as well as Canada.

International team
The 50+ experts working at ZSI are from Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Finland, Italy, Kenya, Serbia, Slovenia, and Slovakia. They are researchers of different disciplinary backgrounds, working mainly in inter- and trans-disciplinary research fields. Their academic education includes sociology, economy, political sciences, development studies, psychology, humanities, geography, physics, engineering studies, etc.

ZSI is contact node of the Social Innovation Europe Network established by the Young Foundation. ZSI applies the Code of Ethics of the International Sociological Association (ISA), and the RESPECT Code of Practice for Socio-Economic Research and is firmly involved in responsible research and innovation projects.

If you are interested in our intercultural and trans-disciplinary competences, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Ansprechperson: Mag. Dr. Klaus Schuch

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