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Workshop on Research Activities and Financing
SEA-EU-NET publishes study on innovation support structures in Southeast Asia
Erfolge des ZSI im 7. Forschungsrahmenprogramm
S&T Policy Mix Peer Review site visits to Moldova and Kazakhstan successfully concluded
Benchmarking of the European, Eastern European and Central Asian RTDI Institutions from the Field of Nano- Science/Nano-Technology – Kick-off meeting in Vienna
S&T Policy Mix Peer Reviews
Call for a Team Leader - S&T Policy Mix Peer Review in Kazakhstan
3. SEA-EU-NET Stakeholder Konferenz in Budapest im November
Förderung europäisch-koreanischer Forschungszusammenarbeit
Förderung für Biotech-Forschungsnetzwerke mit Indien


Success breeds Success. Experiences from Singapore


ASEAN-India Collaboration in Science & Technology: Evidence and Prospects


Facilitating the Bi-Regional EU-ASEAN Science and Technology Dialogue
Korean Scientific Cooperation Network with the European Research Area
IncoNet CA/SC: S&T International Cooperation Network
ERA-NET New Indigo