Workshop on Research Activities and Financing

19. Dez 2014

SUSTAIN EU-ASEAN Organising a Workshop on Gaps in Sustainability Research at the ASEAN-EU STI Days 2015

Based around SUSTAIN EU-ASEAN’s thematic clusters (cities and natural resources), the workshop will focus on identifying and discussing gaps in research activities, particularly gaps in EU-ASEAN co-operation, in the clusters. In order, however, to not only identify problems, but instead to actively work toward their solution, the workshop will also discuss financing possibilities for EU-ASEAN research collaboration, both in general, but particularly in the thematic gaps identified on the day. The workshop will take place on 19 March 2015. Participation is free for all ASEAN-EU STI Days 2015 visitors as is the whole conference. Find out more...

Tags: Asia, smart city, sustainability, urban development

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