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Facilitating the Bi-Regional EU-ASEAN Science and Technology Dialogue

INCO-NET on the bilateral cooperation between Europe and Southeast Asia

SEA-EU-NET increased the quality, quantity, profile, and impact of the bi-regional S&T cooperation between SEA countries of ASEAN and MS and AS of EU. S&T, essential for a strong knowledge-based economy, underpins policies necessary for governance, and contributes to cohesive social visions and models. S&T excellence also requires global connectivity and an ongoing dialogue.

This project supported the internationalisation policy of EU and objectives of FP7 of EU. It contributed to S&T foundation essential to the EUs political, economic, and social objectives. There was and still is great potential in strengthening the participation of SEA in FP7 and for a conjoint European involvement in SEA S&T. Constraining factors included insufficient awareness of opportunities, inadequate connections amongst researchers, establishing partnerships, complexity of S&T programs, and the asynchronous funding systems. This increased SEA-EU cooperation required targeted measures integrating and strengthening the S&T dialogue in a coherent way.

The SEA-EU-NET delivered measures to increase SEA-EU cooperation amongst academic, industrial, and government stakeholders. Measures included implementation of joint initiatives for strengthening the bi-regional and bilateral dialogue, analysing S&T structures, reporting to EU-presidencies, thus incorporating recent political developments, and generally highlighting EU-ASEAN initiatives. In addition, the project built a network of stakeholders in the SEA region while, at the same time, linking it to other existing and upcoming ERA-, INCO-NET, and thematic EU-FP projects, thus facilitating the development of a coherent EU-level approach on international S&T cooperation.

Based on these structures SEA-EU-NET also addressed global issues of mutual interest in regards to the challenges of the globalisation of research and reaching the global Millennium Goals by recommending joint S&T related activities and developing joint scenarios.

More information on results and impacts are available in the attachments, the linked articles as well as the summaries of the periodic reports which are published by the European Commission on the CORDIS website:

The project activities could be continued in the SEA-EU-NET II initiative, in which ZSI again participated.


Section: Research Policy & Development



Tags: Asia, European Research Area, internationalisation, research cooperation, RTDI cooperation, scientific networks, Southeast Asia

Type: Networks

Program: 7th Framework Programme

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 01/2008 - 12/2012

Project Duration: 60 months


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