Work and Equal Opportunities


gReen and digitAl Initiative addreSsEd to dropoUts' Prevention

Preparing students for green and digital skills and preventing early school dropouts in Italy through VET.

Overall Goal

RAISE-UP aims to prevent Early School Leavers increase both by addressing students in Vocational Education and Training (VET) schools and promoting educators’ and schoolteachers’ competencies on digitisation and green transitions, strengthening the school capacity to prevent new social risks.


RAISE-UP achieves these goals by designing, implementing, and evaluating an integrated school programme directed at Vocational Education and Training (VET) students aged 14-16 years old, schoolteachers, and professional educators. Three VET schools from urban, peripheral and rural areas will be selected through a public call.

The first phase of the RAISE-UP programme (4 months) includes the design and implementation of capacity-building activities directed at schoolteachers and professional educators. This phase will integrate their skills and competences on digital and green thematic areas (24 hours of training and a collaborative project work). As result, six collaborative project works will be implemented in specific Educational Offer Plans. In addition, a coaching service will target schoolteachers with difficulties in managing critical situations among students.

The second phase (8 months) comprises the class-based implementation of project works by schoolteachers and professional educators with students, in order to act on their vocational maturity and motivation. The programme will be evaluated through Counterfactual Impact Evaluation based on a difference-in-difference method.


This programme will enable us to get more detailed information on its efficacy. The RAISE-UP programme will be piloted in Italy. Results will be tailored to the international and EU scale, thanks to the development of one International Action Plan, intended to engage practitioners and relevant policy stakeholders. Moreover, the RAISE-UP programme results will be showcased at the Global Solutions Initiative event and in academic conferences.


Section: Work and Equal Opportunities

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Type: Research

Program: EaSI

Project Status: In progress

Start/End: 11/2023 - 10/2025

Project Duration: 24 months

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