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Impact of Social Sciences and Humanities for a European Research Agenda - Valuation of SSH in mission-oriented research

Austrian EU Council presidency conference on the Impact of Social Sciences and Humanities

The Austrian EU Council Presidency conference on ‘Impact of Social Sciences and Humanities for a European Research Agenda - Valuation of SSH research in mission-oriented research’ took place in Vienna on the 28 and 29 November 2018.

The overall mission of the conference was to bring the valuation (i.e. the provision of added value through SSH and arts-based research) and impact contributions of SSH research to transformative, mission-oriented national and European research and innovation agendas to the forefront, to openly reflect and structurally discuss the topic in order to make it visible, debatable, verifiable and usable!

In line with this mission, the objectives of the conference were:

  1. to provide a reflecting as well as forward-looking format to identify and appraise valuation pathways and impact generating processes within genuine SSH research as well as from inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary research activities which include SSH and arts-based research
  2. to showcase, learn from and discuss structures and policies which are beneficial for an enhanced impact-orientation of SSH research at various levels (e.g. project-level, institutional level, R&I policy-making level)
  3. to make a significant contribution to tracing and assessing the use and impact of R&D activities from the field of SSH (including arts-based research), to the benefit of a transformative and mission-oriented European research and innovation agenda.


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Tags: humanities, impact, social sciences

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Program: Horizon 2020 SC6

Submission Date: 01/2018

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 03/2018 - 02/2019

Project Duration: 12 months


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